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About Reynolds-Clark

Reynolds-Clark Development, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm offering design services such as Site Design, Utility Design, Storm Water Management and Environmental Planning.  We offer Land Development, Municipal Engineering, Economic Development Assistance, Environmental Planning, Construction Management, and Project Management.  We match our professional expertise with our clients' needs to offer a superior level of service.


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Civil Site Design

Reynolds-Clark can provide a wide variety of services related to land development.

  •  Preliminary Engineering Studies  

  •  Commercial / Industrial Site Design 

  •  Roadway Design 

  •  Residential Subdivision Design

  •  Stormwater Management

  •  Feasibility Studies

  •  Rezoning Assistance

  •  Waterfront Development

  •  Erosion and Sediment Control 

  •  Construction Management

  •  Conventional and Alternative               Drainfield Design

  •  Marketing and Sales Assistance

Utility Design

  • Preliminary Engineering Studies

  •  Master Planning

  •  Waterline Design

  •  Sanitary Sewer Design

  •  Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Design

  •  Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring

  •  Cost Estimating

  •  Construction Management

Wetland & Stream Permitting

  •  Wetland Delineation

  •  Stream Channel Assessment

  •  Joint Permit Applications

  •  Wetland Permitting

  •  Mitigation Planning

  •  Pre-Application Meetings    

  •  Construction Monitoring

  •  Phase I Environmental Assessments

  •  Regulatory Compliance


Meet our Professionals

We Are Your Partners In Development.

Gretchen B. Clark, P.E.


Gretchen is a licensed professional engineer in both Virginia and North Carolina. Gretchen graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 with a B.S. in both Civil Engineering and Biological Systems Engineering. Gretchen has extensive experience in municipal engineering, economic development, and land development projects in Virginia and North Carolina.

Timothy C. Reynolds, P.E.

Vice President

Tim is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia. Tim graduated from Virginia Tech in 1994 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Tim has extensive experience in land development, wetland engineering and permitting and economic development projects in Virginia.


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